Nouvelle update sur le site UnMamed, je rappel que cet site regroupe l’ensemble des jeux connus toujours pas émulé sous MAME, la liste est corrigé au fur et a mesure des releases de l’émulateur…

[23 Feb ’03]

– Updated Most Wanted ROMs, removing most wanted status of Exidy Max-a-Flex games, Space Walk, Team Hat Trick, Counter Run, Tatakae Big Fighter, Champion Boxing, Robo Wrestle 2001, Kick Start Wheelie King, Shooting Gallery, Sky Army, Tugboat, Hokuha Syourin, Pinbot PC10, Wall Crash, Wink, Alpha Mission, Driver’s Edge, Quiz Panicuru, Judge Dredd, Rapid Hero.

– There are still a lot to be added however! Removed Monaco GP pages since they were dead links. Removed Match-It from the game listing, it was there by mistake.

– Updated Boggy ’83/84, Counter Run, Battle Star.

– Changed Wivern to Wyvern F-0 and Cospolis to Cosmopolis.

– Moved the PSE games to the non-CPU page.

– Removed Arcadia since it’s in MAME as « Waga Seishun no Arcadia ».

– Added « The Return of Lady Frog ». Added WIP pictures – 9 Ball, Area 51 MX, Avengers, Boggy 84, Battle Wings, Complex X, Cool Pool, Country Club, Eggor, Egg Venture, Great Guns, Halleys Comet, Ja Ja Maru Kun, Lethal Justice, Mazer Blazer, Mighty Bomb Jack, Raiga-Strato Fighter, Sky Army, STV, Top Gun, Top Landing, Vasara 2, Wolf Pack, Zaviea.

– Added Aaron Giles’ WIP pictures of SF Rush and Wayne Gretzky. Added Dox’s WIP pictures of Gigas, Heavy Unit, Kung Fu Taikun, Parallel Turn, Prebillian, Hot/Vs Smash.

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