Une nouvelle version de l’unique Ă©mulateur pour musique Adlib est sortie:
au programme :

From the NEWS:
– Major cosmetic liftoff 🙂
– Config data moved to player’s .ini
– Smarter fileinfo 🙂
– Support for the PortTalk device driver to enable hardware replay on Windows NT/2000/XP
– AdPlug Database support
– Some fixes

* Upgraded AdPlug library from v1.2 to v1.4:
– New, modularized file loading framework
– Now using ‘libbinio’ for platform-independant binary I/O
– Added database framework for storing music file information
– Uses newest fmopl OPL2 emulator version 0.60 from MAME 0.66
– New or corrected IMF timer rates for the following games:
– Duke Nukem 2
– New format support:
– SNG: Adlib Tracker 1.0
– CFF: BoomTracker 4.0
– DTM: Defy Adlib Tracker
– DMO: Twin TrackPlayer

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