Le meilleur émulateurs DOS pour Windows est sorti, avec une nouvelle adresse et un nouveau site (bye Zophar).

Comme déjà vu dans les WIP précédents, en nouveautés :

– CPU Opcodes fixed, nearing full realmode support now.
– Support for Advance MAME’s Scale2x.
-SoundBlaster sound output rewritten and added more functions to the DSP emulation.
– PC-Speaker sound output rewritten for more precision nad new output modes.
– Directory caching to support long filenames and mounting directories on other platforms.
– MSCDEX Support to mount cdroms and directories as fake-cdroms.
– MPU401 emulation to give MIDI output.
– Correct emulation of Creative GameBlaster.
– Support for writing mixer output to a .wav file.
– Screenshot support enabled again.
– Foreign keyboard support.
– Fixes to PIT Timers for more accuracy.
– Fixes to VGA for smoother scrolling.
– Fixes to DOS,FCB’s and interrupt functions.
– Some new commands in the shell.

Télécharger DOSBox v0.74 (1,4 Mo)

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