La version Finale de GBCEmu serait disponible… enfin le site officiel a dépassé son quota de bande passante, donc rien a downloader pour le moment :

– Added auto detection of MMX support.
– Added minumum frame skip.
– Pikachu now says « Pikachu » in Poke’mon Yellow.
– Fixed MBC3 RTC – SRAM, save state consistenty.
– 1.0.0 RC1 was not compatabile with Windows95 systems, it now works partly. Full compatability will be added next time 🙂
– Fixed CPU utilization error when no ROM is loaded.
– Fixed an Open State bug where a ROM cannot be found matching to the Save State because the files have been placed in a new directory.
– Fixed a « Backup Window » bug so when switching between different fullscreen modes, the old windowed mode is still remembered.
– Fixed a bug in DirectDraw to restore lost surfaces. This usually occurs when using Alt+Tab to switch between programs when in Full Screen Mode.
– Fixed an open ROM error when opening a corrupted ROM. – Fixed CPU utilization when VSync is enabled.

Just a reminder that the team is busy with working commitments on other projects at the moment, so don’t expect too much from here for a while as you won’t find too much. This is rather bad news, as the emulator only just started but to be honest the emulator is fairly complete at the moment, because that is what a good group of programmers and lots of time does to an emulator. It makes it work. It makes it work well.

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