Emulateur Chip 8 codé par Falcon4ever en 2004 et amélioré depuis:


Inspired by console emulators (back in 2001) such as: UltraHLE (Nintendo64), Snes9x (SNES) and Bleem! (PSX) I got interested in the technical design of an emulator. Since I wanted to challenge and improve my own coding skills to get a better understanding of the CPU, I started my own emulation project in 2003.


At that time I was searching for a simple system to emulate (which wouldn’t take me years). A friend of mine recommended to try writing a Chip8 interpreter. More information of the design of the Chip8 (virtual) cpu can be found on Wikipedia. The screenshots below show my own Chip8 implementation running on Windows.


Télécharger myCHIP8 beta 0.02 (73,6 Ko)

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