Après la vrai/fausse release de cet début d’année, on était resté sans nouvelle de Nestron ! JoshMan nous donne plus d’infos :

Hello everyone. I haven’t updated this site in a while. I’ve been pretty busy lately with school, weightlifting, etc.

I haven’t really worked on either of the emulators (NEStron, Super NEStron) since my last post. The source code for both of them still exists, and they are not cancelled. I believe that one day I will finish Super NEStron, and when that day comes I will release it onto the web. But that probably won’t happen until this summer, if not later.

I definitely won’t be working on any of the emulators for a few months. I am currently programming a 3D shooter (titled « Josh’s Grand Banana Odyssey » by one of my friends:) for my physics class final project. It’s really cool, it uses DirectX for all the 3D graphics stuff. The 3D engine is completed, now all I have to do is program the gameplay. Granted it won’t be as complex as Quake or Unreal, but it will be fun nonetheless – to make, and to play later when I’m bored 🙂

And a final note, I don’t check this e-mail account any more, so don’t bother writing me. If you really need help you can use the messageboard.

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