Nouvelle version du meilleur plugin SPC (son SNES) pour WinAmp2… de nombreuses améliorations (3.00) et des bugfix supplémentaires (3.01)

Added RAR support (RAR’d SPC archives should have an RSN extension)
Improved file detection routine
Added option to disable « tricks » so SNESAmp can be used in other plug-in applications
Fixed crash in the subclassing routine on exit
Fixed AAR not being displayed correctly in Configuration
Changed file filters in open dialog to use less memory
Fixed dialog creep on systems with the taskbar locked at the top of the screen
Dialogs initially appear in the same location as the main window
Improved alpha layering detection for WinXP
Added 24-bit and high quality 16-bit sample output
Fixed several bugs in the envelope code so envelopes now work the same as the SNES (fixes a lot of songs)
Stopped caching loop points (fixes Castlevania IV)
Added clamping to pitch modulation (fixes Lavos in Chrono Trigger)
Fixed a bug in KON/KOF emulation
Changed the 16-bit mixing process to more closely emulate the SN

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