Du nouveau chez ScummVM avec la mise a jour du changelog officiel :
– Curse of Monkey Island (comi) support (experimental)
– Added support for the EGA versions of Loom, Monkey Island and Indy3
– Improved music support in Indy3 and the floppy versions of Monkey Islands
– Many Simon the Sorcerer 1 & 2 improvements and fixes
– Very pre-alpha Beneath a Steel Sky code. Don’t expect it to do anything.
– Even more pre-alpha support for V2 SCUMM games (Maniac Mansion and Zak)
– Preliminary support for early Humongous Entertainment titles (very experimental)
– New debug console and several GUI/Launcher enhancements
– New Save/Load code (easier to expand while retaining compatibility)
– DreamCast port now works with new games added for 0.3.0b
– New official PalmOS port
– Various minor and not so minor SCUMM game fixes
– Large memory leak fixed for The Dig/ComI
– SMUSH code optimised, frame dropping added for slower machines
– Code cleanups

et de même chez DosBOX :
– added support for the not inheritance flags.
– created functions for creating child psp.
– updated errorcodes of findfirst (thanks Mirek!)
– added basic support for vidmode 0x7
– rewrote loggingsystem to generate less warnings

En savoir plus…