Une nouvelle version de FreezeSMS est disponible. Il s’agit d’un émulateur Sega Master System / Game Gear / SG-1000, mais aussi Colecovision et NES.

Cette version fixe de nombreux bugs et améliore la rapidité :

– Fixed MAJOR Windows 95/98 and ME Crash bug involving DirectDraws RestoreDisplayMode() on exit
– Added another check to sound buffering which fixed a case of static sound
– Sound is now stopped when Fast-Forwarding
– Now record the window position and width and height on EXIT.
– Added sprite caching giving around 20-40fps boost
– Fixed a commandline issue involving last system used
– Tweaked and fixed SG1000 and COLECO issues with certain games
– Fixed some menu multiple ticking and added a lot more items to the menu
– Added automatic frame skipper
– Made FullScreen always be in 16bit mode independant of Desktop colordepth which gives more filter options and speed.
– Fixed a « mouse cursor » still visible bug when menu wasn’t enabled and LightGun game wasn’t being played
– Added more error protection incase registry settings were lost or corrupted

– Added SRAM emulation for THE CASTLE in Sg1000
– Fixed CPU issues to be more accurate
– Fixed a RAM mirroring error thanks to Charles Macdonald

– Changed CPU cycles method increasing accuracy

– Changed CPU cycles method increasing accuracy in a lot of games, including Rise of the Robots.

Télécharger FreezeSMS 4.6 (1.0 Mo)

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