Hop, un émulateur intellivision !
et voila ma bonne dame ! c’est de la 3.6 aujourd’hui !
avec plein d’bonnes news de chez nous, crediou…

Optimized the display and input routines to more than double the frame rate! This will allow Nostalgia to run more smoothly on more PCs. Thanks to Joe Zbiciak for his contributions.
Games that use the ECS now turn it on automatically when played.
Added a frame rate counter. Press to enable / disable.
Nostalgia now supports any display mode your video card does! Look in the Game Options screen to try them out.
Configuration now stored in the Regsitry.
The command line now allows you to set the resolution in -WxH format. (eg. -640×480) The format will be verified against the list of available modes, and error.log will tell you if it was invalid.
Nostalgia now comes with Joe Zbiciak’s MiniExec and MiniGrom so you can play games « right out of the box. »
There are now many homebrew games packaged with Nostalgia. Thanks to Arnauld Chevallier, Joe Zbiciak and Ryan Kinnen for providing them. See README.HTML to find out more about them.
Added a Windows Installer.
Added throttling for play with no sound.
Added option and hotkey to turn sound on/off.
Added notification of MiniExec support. Games can be marked supported in « Add to Database » button on the Load Cartridge screen.
Made the display more accurate to a real Intellivision. Thanks to Steve Orth, Arnauld Chevallier, and Joe Zbiciak.
Fixed usability issues with the menuing system like:
Notification of delays when loading the cartridge list.
Pageup/Pagedown support in the scrollbars for choosing Rom/Image folders.
Display of Rom/Image files while browsing for Rom/Image folders.
Fixed a bug that caused a crash when opening up large numbers of roms.
Fixed a bug in Nostalgia’s database preventing Super Soccer from running.
Fixed a bug that caused the sound to disappear after loading many games.
Fixed 2 bugs that caused crashes under certain conditions.

Debugger-specific updates:
Improvements to the speed of the debugger.
The debugger now remembers the last game you chose so you don’t have to reselect the game to re-run it every time.
Games are now properly loaded from the command line in the debugger.
The trace window now follows along when stepping rather than reloading every time.
Added optional throttling when sound is off.
Added a help dialog to the debugger, .
Debugger now keeps track of the last folder you opened a rom from.
Fixed a debugger bug preventing from working as expected.
Fixed a debugger bug causing a crash on exit.
Fixed a bug preventing the debugger from finding the EXEC and GROM files.

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