ePSXeCutor, le frontend officiel d’ePSXe fait par Pete Bernet, a une nouvelle version (yeah ! cool ! lofteurs, up&down …)

au lieu de lire des conneries, consultez les nouveautés :
First of all, it’s a pre-release. In the past, a new ePSXeCutor release only happened in union with an ePSXe release. But since calb is busy with real life, and the current ePSXeCutor version is now on my hard drive for over half a year, I’ve decided to give you an update. This frontend will work fine with ePSXe 1.5.2, even if some options (like the pad plugin support) will only work with the upcoming next ePSXe version.
Improved cdrom GameID detection (thanx to Mike « Moose » O’Malley)
Added pad plugin support. This « » pre-release of ePSXeCutor will store the pad plugin selection/configs, but of course the current ePSXe version (1.5.2) will ignore it. You’ll have to wait for the next ePSXe version…
Due to high user request: free selectable memcard files. You can either use the old managed memcard list, or specify two memcards with custom file names.
Please note: if ePSXeCutor doesn’t know the memcard file format, it will show a « Not formatted » text in the info bar. That doesn’t mean that the memcard file will not work in ePSXe (since the main emu can read more formats than my frontend… yup, I am too lazy to support everything).
« Fast plugin configure » buttons in the « config infos » bar. Very handy.
Small skin support: you can change the look of every button and icon used in ePSXeCutor. Simply place a modified « epsxecutor.bmp » file into an epsxe sub-folder called « skins ». If no skin bitmap exists, the default symbols will be used. In this archive I have added two skin files, the old default style one, and a nicer looking XP skin. Ah, and you can also change the initial splash screen gfx by placing a new bitmap called « epsxecutorsplash.bmp » into the « skins » directory.
Last but not least: a game ‘quickstart’ function. You can now specify the CD game ID when you create a new/change an existing game configuration. This ID will be used by the ‘Quickstart’ toolbar button/menu item: simply insert a game CD you want to play, and press the ‘Quickstart’ button. ePSXeCutor will automatically read the ID from the inserted CD, and search into the configuration list if a game config linked with that ID exists. If a config is found, it will get selected and started automatically.

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