Notre ami Charles Mac Donald nous propose quelques informations concernant son récent Genesis Plus, dont pas mal de monde serait intéressé pour en faire un portage. Il s’agit d’un complément d’informations non disponible dans la doc :

– At the moment there are no checks regarding CPU endianness and handling unaligned word/longword memory accesses. The VDP and rendering code do a lot of word/longword reads and writes, so this should be the first thing to check. E.g. if a game crashes when scrolling horziontally, it’s due to an unaligned write to the line buffer which will make some CPUs throw an exception.

– Remember to modify the 68000 and Z80 emulator (undefine -DLSB_FIRST) to match your platform-specific needs.

– The program is distributed under the GPL, so release the source code to the ports. If you don’t want to, talk to me about it and we can work something out.

– Please do not change the name of the emulator. Something like ‘Genesis Plus / MacOS’ is fine because it retains the original name of the program.

Unlike SMS Plus, this program evolved into a development tool first, so there was less of an effort to handle issues like memory alignment and endian related issues. Hopefully it won’t be too much of a problem 🙂 If people are willing to tell me about bugs and submit fixes, I’ll integrate them into the source code for the next release.

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