KbMP, on ne le dira jamais assez, est un Winamp japonais qui lit tout ce qui s’écoute concernant les formats des consoles.

Voici les nouveautés, traduites par VORC :
The following fix related to kbfpd.kpi:
* Song length retrieval from read-only FPD failed – fixed.
Supported title retrieval for SPU files compressed with GZIP.
Kbrunkpi.exe is now always used when plugin’s file name is « bmse.kpi ». (This is because plugins which use other plugins can cause problem at Deinit)
BMS using MIDI could have failed to be played (didn’t proceed) – fixed.
Look-ahead decoding couldn’t have worked correctly – fixed.
KbMedia Player could have frozen when plugins returned the end of the song immediately after seeking – fixed.
KbMedia Player was lost if taskbar disappeared due to Explorer falling down etc. at the following condition: « tasktray » display setting is enabled and the player is minimized. (task tray icon is now created again when taskbar returns.)

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