Kega « Lazarus » est un nouveau build basé sur la vieille version 0.02 après un petit problème hardware qui a presque tué le projet. Cette version ajoute quelques nouveautés du coté de l’émulation Master System, Game Gear, Megadrive et Mega CD. Il contient aussi beaucoup de code expérimental ce qui pourrai empecher pas mal de jeux MegaCD de tourner…

* Fixed SMS Ace of Aces issue – this game now runs without the SMS BIOS.
* Fixed GameGear Background Colour, which I must have broken with Kega Lazarus SE :p
* Fixed GameGear Shining Force series. These games should now work correctly.
* Fixed slight SMS/GG Timing problem with the last H-Interrupt.
* Fixed issue when enabling and disabling SMS V-Interrupts rapidly.
* Altered the SegaCD CDD emulation slightly. The WolfTeam games should once again work in Kega.
* Kega will once again become idle when minimised.
* Added VGM Logging. VGM is similar to the GYM format, but much nicer – and supports the 8-Bit Sega consoles as well as the Genesis/MegaDrive. Plug-ins to play these files with WinAmp are available. Currently VGM does not support the SegaCD PCM chip, so these sounds will not be logged – yet.
* Added support for the Sega Game 1000, and Sega Computer 3000. Load ROMs for these machines as Master System ROMs, and Kega will detect them at runtime. Note that most (if not all) of these ROMS will *not* work with the SMS BIOS enabled, since they lack the signature that the BIOS uses to detect them. Also note that I do not support the SC3000 Keyboard, and currently have no plans to do so (it gets in the way of the GUI :S)
* Added « BIOS Disable » option to the SMS/GG config screen, to make it easier to get around the problem mentioned above.
* Added SMS/GG/SG1000/SC3000 Save States. Loading of MEKA states is not yet possible, this may be added at a later date.

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