Une update sur le site de Magic Engine, le traditionnel gagant du concours (bravo a lui). Maintenant les infos sur le dev :

The new sound engine has been completed, it was a big task but this new engine has quite a few nice features.

– Uses 8 voices (only 1 in the previous engine) for better sound quality and volume control, specialy for CD games
– Possibility to replace the waveforms of a game by those from another game or by your owns
– Extended waveform format, now waveforms can be 64-byte long with 8-bit samples (the PC-Engine format is 32-byte/5-bit), this new format can be used when you define your own waveforms
– Smooth waveform transition
– Improved noise emulation
– Improved interpolation
– Experimental on-the-fly PSG to MIDI conversion
– Complete MML player to play PSG musics of CD games, no more missing musics when using Magic System. 🙂
– New options to control all the internal settings of the engine

90% means that it’s complete, but code still need to be cleaned and there might be a few bugs left to fix. The PC-FX emulation core is complete, but that doesn’t mean that compatibility is at 100%, actually compatibility is lower than that, there are still a few emulation bugs. (^^;

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