YAPE (Yet Another Plus/4 Emulator) est un excellent émulateur tournant sous Windows.

– [NEW] new README file (at last!)
– [NEW] preliminary support for density select in true drive emulation
– [NEW] drive LED on the PC keyboard scroll lock indicator
– [FIX] shadowing 1541 ROM between $8000-$BFFF
– [FIX] no more reattach of D64 files is necessary, when switching between true drive emulation modes
– [FIX] save one last long pulse when recording whole wave TAPs
– [FIX] cycle timing of a few CPU read calls
– [FIX] 0x8F (SAX) opcode (it set the Z and N flags accidentally)
– [FIX] no more truncations during sound frequency conversion (better interference!)
– [FIX] PC joystick control bug
– [FIX] SID setup dialog initialisation bug
– [FIX] minor optimisation in sound rendering
– [FIX] miscellaneous bugfixes

Télécharger YAPE (Win9x) v1.0.4 (1,1 Mo)

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