Nouvelle version de cet émulateur Game Boy dont voici le grand nombre d’améliorations :

– New Features:
* Added an option to run in GBA. With this option on, the secret 100-Rupee
shop can be entered in Zelda – Oracle of Ages and Seasons.
* Added an Mix Frame option in the Video menu. Default setting is on. The
graphics display for a number of games/demos is now correct. Examples
are: Angel Marlowe, Atlantis – The Lost Empire, Ballistic, Battlezone &
Super Breakout, Batman – Return of the Joker, Battle Pingpong, Big
Scroller Demo, Boxing (JU).
– Changes:
* When reset, the current border will not be clear. Useful for the
preference GBC with SGB border.
* Screen will be white when startup in SGB mode.
* [MS-DOS port] Set the default color depth to 16 instead of 32 to increase
– Bugs Fixed:
* Better graphics for the following games/demos:
~ Alice in Wonderland,Alone in the Dark, Aqualife, Ant Soldiers (Sachen) (Unl) [!], Artic Zone, Asteroids and Missile Command, Atlantis – The Lost Empire, Bionic Battler, Bob the Builder and Bob the Builder – Fix It Fun, Boxing (JU), Bubsy 2, Carmageddon, Classking Yamazaki, Darkman, Jinsei Tomedachi, Warriors of Might and Magic
* Better sound for the following games:
~ A Boy and His Blob, Aladdin (GB), Alone in the Dark, Altered Space, Armour Force, Atlantis – The Lost Empire, Bubsy 2, Puzzle Road, Dance Dance Revolution (all versions), Qix, Work Master V1.00
* New games/demos supported:
~ BHGOS – Overclocked Combo (PD) (C)
~ BHGOS – Y2Kode Combo (PD) (C)
~ Bomberman Collection (J) (S): You can now run the selected games.
~ Captain Knick-Knack
~ Cube Raider
~ Densha De Go! 2
~ Pocket Family (real time clock not supported)
~ Sonic 3D Blast 5
~ SGB Pack (all versions)
* Fixed the buzzing sound during startup for Block Kuzushi, Hollywood
Pinball, Home Alone and possibly many others.
* Sound volume for Sound Channel 4 was halved. Fixed.
* Fixed the short « duk » sound when sound is turned on/off by the games.
* Fixed a crash bug for Battle Tanx (U) (C) (t1).
* Fixed a crash bug for Beat Mania GB 2 (J) (C) [!]. All you can get is
« poor », however.
* Fixed a crash bug for Bionic Commando – Elite Forces (U) (C) (t1).
* Fixed a hung bug for Binary Chaos (Y2kode) (PD) (C).
* Fixed a hung bug for Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
* Fixed a hung bug for Hype – The Time Quest.
* Fixed a hung bug for Pocket Bomberman. (Thanks TM)
* Fixed a hung bug for Pocket Monster Crystal Glass.
* [Windows port] Fixed a crash bug for Casino Funpak.
* Fixed an invalid opcode error for Bokujo Monogatari GB 3 – Boy Meets
Gril (T-Chinese). Invalid opcode error still happens after enter the
names of the girl (?). In a real GBC, it hangs.
* Fixed a blank screen bug for Cardcaptor Sakura.
* Fixed a joypad reading bug for Crash (PD).
* Fixed a wrong color bug when drawing broder in color depth 16/24 for
Pocket Monster.
* Armaageddon Video Trailer (GBTK Video 1) and (GBTK Video 2) now can play
to the end.
* Fixed a border drawing bug for Asteroids and Missile Command.
* Fixed a border drawing bug when color depth was not 32 (Pocket Monster
Gold and its variations/hacks),
* Better support in the preference of GBC with SGB border:
~ Aqueous Demo
~ Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver
~ Pocket Monster Gold
* Game Shark cheat was not functioned since v1.20. Fixed.
* Better handling on ROM bank requests. KiGB is less likely to crash.
* Better support of mono games running in GBC mode.
* Fixed a bug when loading/storing key input files with save states for
older versions.
* Fixed an initialisation bug during reset.
* Work Master V1.00: can show up the « desktop screen » instead of showing
the WM_CLOSE message. After displaying a picture in the Demo folder,
pressing B will hang. In a real GBC, when try to open a folder, it hangs.

Télécharger KiGB (Dos) 2.03 (426,3 Ko)

Télécharger KiGB (Win) 2.05 (440,2 Ko)

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