Nouvelle version de cet excellent émulateur Amiga et Amiga CD32 dont voici les nouveautés :

Bugs fixed

– compiler misoptimization of some rare instructions
(affected 0.8.22R8 only, usually caused GURUs)
– bsdsocket emulation (connection freeze, IRCD, AmyGate etc..)
– NTSC vsync sound
– Windows 2K/XP CD detection problems in non-ASPI mode
– more compatible audio emulation
(TBL’s Tint, some demos playing only noise)
– ticking/unticking 68000 « more compatible » checkbox on the fly
does not crash the emulated Amiga anymore
– AVI capture sound sync

New features:

– software 2x filters (Scale2x, SuperEagle, 2xSaI and Super2xSaI) and
manual screen position adjustment.
– separate windowed and fullscreen mode width and height
– 100% exact blitter block mode cycle diagram (cycle-exact mode only)
– replaced « run at higher priority » with priority selection select box
– added CAPS support to mini-version
– automatic AVI splitting

Télécharger WinUAE (x86) v3.5.0 (5,3 Mo)

En savoir plus…