Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur Nintendo 64 dont voici les principales améliorations:

– All versions
+ General speed up, 10-20% in most games Save states long loading time fixed, now it should load in less than a second
+ sound sync is far more accurate now (thanks to Azimer) it makes some additionnal games booting
+ 64dd detection to fix F-zero
+ a little idle loops bug has been fixed

– Windows port
+ Configuration and initialisation of plugins now can be done prior running a rom. It fixes numerous configuration issues with plugins as well
+ Recent roms menu with option to clear and freeze
+ Command line arguments support with option to run in GUIless mode, compatible with 1964 options, read more about it in pdf
+ Choosing and saving of plugins used per game, access it from Rom Properties
+ Reset rom menu added
+ Speed Modifier to allow game to run at any speed between 1-200% of original Use + and – to increase, decrease it, while in the game. And . to return to 100%.
+ Start game in fullscreen option
+ Pause emulation when idle fixes
+ Global plugin settings (should be unchecked if you want to use plugins per game option from rom properties)
+ Switch on/off ToolBar (ALT+T) and Status Bar (ALT+S), usefull when plugin sets wrong resolution in windowed mode, and for those who hate toolbars 🙂
+ Selection of columns to show in rom browser
+ English language template updated
+ Support for debugview by linker Put dll in the main folder, if you want to see log output
+ Tonnes of little fixes…

– RSP hle plugin
+ mario kart sound fixed

Télécharger Mupen64 v0.5.1 (2,0 Mo)

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