Nouvel version de l’excellent émulateur Atari ST , j’ai nommé Steem dont voici les nouveautés :

Emulation Bugs

. Improved accurate disk access time emulation
. Improved high frequency PSG envelope emulation (Auto 408 Menu)
. Changed length of floppy disk tracks (North and South)
. Improved PSG register write emulation (The Toyottes)
. Fixed hard drive quit with monitor running freeze up bug
. Fixed hard drive wildcard bugs
. Added hack for more programs affected by IKBD reset

Other Bugs

. XSTEEM: Fixed uppercase disk manager extension bug
. Fixed bordered monochrome to bordered colour when loading snapshot crash
. Fixed change CPU speed when stopped freeze
. Fixed r/l control/alt disable bug
. Speeded up complex drawing under some drawing modes
. Fixed returning from fullscreen bugs that affected some video cards
. Stopped the auto-updater from crashing so much
. DEBUG: Toggle breakpoint in history doesn’t make a mess any more

New Features

. 14Mb memory option
. Automatic extraction of files from archives to ST hard drive
. Added script to disk imager for Linux users

Télécharger STeem Engine 3.2 (608,6 Ko)

En savoir plus…