Nouvelle version d’Advance Mame dont voici les améliorations:

* Added a bunch of new video effects: `lq2x’, `hq2x’, `lq3x’ and `hq3x’.
They are interpolation effects. Slower than `scale2x’
but with a nicer image.
They are derived from the HQ3X effect made by Maxim Stepin.
* The Linux fb video driver is now able to wait for vsync also if
the low-end driver doesn’t support this feature.
You must run the program as root.
* Increased the number of supported event [by Filipe Estima].
* Fixed support for SiS boards 530/630/730 in the DOS vbeline/sis
* Revised the list of supported cards.
* Removed the `display_rotate’ option.

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