RomCenter est une très bonne alternative à ClrMAMEPro et plus accessible. RomCenter va vous permettre de gérer et d’organiser votre collection de jeux émulés sur votre PC. L’application met à votre disposition des outils de gestion très pratiques. Vous pourrez identifier les ROM défectueuses, portant un mauvais nom ou tout simplement manquantes et résoudre les problèmes en toute simplicité. Il s’agit de la version en cours de développement.
Les changements depuis la béta 11 sont les suivants:
– Add ‘file not found’ error handler with some corrupted files
– Add ‘send log’ dialog
– Add Hyperspin dat support
– Add about dialog
– Add db creation by dropping exe
– Add multi db files drag & drop capabilities to open multiple db at once
– Add exception handler to allow corrupted roms deletion
– Add links buttons group in ribbon
– Add more filtering regions
– Add multithreaded rom files import (not supported for db using plugins)
– Add new context menus
– Add plugin detection from dat content
– Add support for dat with text lines before xml tag
– Improve exceptions handler when creating db
– Improve memory managment with filters
– Improve new files creation during removing fileroms
– Improve startup dataview
– Improve zip exception detection
– Upgrade libraries to their latest versions
– Stay on path after reloading it.
– Attempt to fix dat with bad structure when importing.
Issues fixed:
– #24: When creating a new file, automatically fill the database filename from dat file
– #28: System.OutOfMemoryException
– #31: Saving window location, size and state on close should work differently
– #32 Please put « Open existing », « New DB » and « Update » as buttons in the main toolbar
– #34 Add keyboard shortcuts
– #35 Closing a database tab should not always activate the Welcome tab
– #37: Process cannot access the firle because it is being used by another process.
– #40 Nes-Header-Problems
– #44 Can’t open Recalbox dat files
– #46 Confirmation message when closing database looks odd
– #47 Open Existing Database dialog shows *.rdt twice
– #48 « Cleanup Database » menu entry not fully selected
– #49 « Add to quick-access toolbar » context menu option does not work as expected
– #51 Create new mame database: default db save location wrong
– #52 mame.xml not deleted after extraction
– #57 Filtering regions: NONE == ALL?
– #58 Error during MAMEUI64 0.190 db creation
– Attempt to Fix locked db.
– Check newdb/updatedb fields validation when displaying backstage
– Clean up dat and db default folders
– Clean up options dialog
– Enable parent/clone relation option for mame
– Fix 7z infinite retry
– Fix bad status after renaming unknown files
– Fix constraint violation when updating db
– Fix crc identification when no file size in dat
– Fix deletion of corrupted roms
– Fix empty 7z archive not found
– Fix empty archive identified as corrupted
– Fix emul name init when creating db from an exe
– Fix file status not refreshed wihen corrupted roms deleted
– Fix fileroms cases not working
– Fix memory leaks
– Fix multiple identical files when roms have multiple errors
– Fix object not found when moving files in error
– Fix out of memory error on 7z
– Fix refresh always reload files with some plugin
– Fix regions filter for mame roms
– Fix release not working if keep all selected
– Fix right click not selecting items
– Fix roms in folder always refreshed when using a plugin
– Fix save window position/size
– Fix single files not removed when renaming
– Fix slow operations when selecting lot of files
– Fix unique rom warning when deleting corrupted roms
– Fix unneeded games loading before reloading paths.
– Fix useless db reloading after changing some settings
– Fix useless filtering when no filter set
– Fix zip exception not catched
– Fix zip not deleted on a renamefile
– General code cleanup
– Prevent two unhandled error dialog at the same time
– Remove unused icons
– Reset dat filter when change src dat
– Set compression level default to 3 (normal)
– Switch to main window when ‘create dat’ process starts


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