Le site unMAMEd a été updaté en conséquence avec la release de la nouvelle version de MAME :

Updated for MAME 0.74u2.

– Removed Dorachan, Demoneye-X, Jumping Cross, Bakuretsu Breaker, Embargo, Porky, Driving Force, Dancing Eyes, Kosodate Quiz 3. Assuming « Explorer » which was added in 0.74 is not the DECO game listed here.

– Added to TESTDRIVERS: Crouching Tiger, Drakton, Golfing Greats 2, Hidden Catch, Land Breaker, Little Casino, Little Casino 2, Mazer Blazer, Racoon World, Rushing Heroes, Shooting Gallery, Slam Dunk 2, Super Draw Poker, Tech Romancer, Vamp 1/2, X-Files, Title Fight, Competition Golf, Yamefuda, Dealer. I’ll wait for the next full version of MAME to switch TESTDRIVERS over to some kind of NON-WORKING section.

– Removed Steel Gunner, Grand Tour, and Port Man (Taito). Updated Eagle Shot Golf. Updated entries that the games are dumped: Ganbare Gonta, Gunpey, Godzilla, Time Crisis.

– Updated System 24 WIP and Kale’s WIP link, added Bryan’s MAME WIP and changed Dox’s MAME WIP to Reip’s MAME WIP.

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