Nouvelle version pour cet émulateur payant de Game Boy Advance dont voici les améliorations:

– sound: fixed various channel 3 wave ram size & bank selection bugs (tauceti3)
– help/sound: corrected channel 3 bank selection bits (bit 5,6 mis-exchanged)
– help/sound: corrected channel 3 sample rate (2097152Hz instead 131072Hz)
– statscr: displays sound 1-4 frequency (Hz) and Timer 0-3 frequency (Hz & clks)
– joysticks: setup allows to re-assign gba buttons by pc button-stroke in setup
– joysticks: supports more than 4 buttons (getJoyPosEx via gba-def.def file)
– dwarf2: loads source level source files on the fly only when needed (speedup)
– internal: uses hdc from BeginPaint when available instead from separate GetDC
– dwarf2: memorizes recent source line number/address (source lookup speedup)

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