Il s’agit d’un très bon émulateur Amstrad CPC (464/664/6128 et compatibles) pour Windows conçu par Thomas Guillemin. Sugarbox est agréable pour sa simplicité d’utilisation.

Merci à Thomas pour la news 😉

sugarbox1 sugarbox2

Les changements :

– Complete PLUS family support : 464+, 6128+, GX4000. All ASIC functions are supported (making modern demo like « CRTC3″ or « Eerie forest » functionnal).
– SNA v3 is supported, with BRKS chunks (breakpoints generated by RASM or Winape)
– Various fix on full screen management (should not crash anymore)
– Various fix on DSK management. More dumps should be analyzed correctly
– IPF support : Generated IPF file should be more reliable (no more crash with Samdisk or DTC from kryoflux)
– Joystick support is better
– Sound have been reworked.


Télécharger SugarBox (64 bits) v1.99.2 (22.4 Mo)

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