Un des projets non-officiel les plus « ambitieux » vient d’être updaté en version 0.77.1, ainsi que son frontend, AdvanceMENU, en version 2.2.15.

Advance Menu:
* The mixer now uses a separate buffer for any sound effects.
This should decrease the sound overlapping of too long
sound buffers.
* Fixed a segmentation fault bug on the DOS SVGALIB driver for
ATI Rage boards.
* The ui_top/bottom/left/right values are now scaled accordling
to the ui_background image.

Télécharger TRWin (Français) 2.36 WIP (117,3 Ko)

Télécharger Ultra64 v0.001a (47,1 Ko)

Advance Mame:
* The audio/video syncroniziation is now done by AdvanceMAME
without using the internal MAME core support. This should
solve all the sound distorsion problems present in some game
and all the input recording desyncronizations.
* The `display_interlaceffect’ option has now a new `filter’ value
which operates like the old `filtery’ effect.
* The configuration options are also read in the parent game and bios
* Fixed a segmentation fault bug on the DOS SVGALIB driver for
ATI Rage boards.
* The description of the AdvanceMAME device drivers is now in the
`advdev.txt’ file and it’s installed as a man page in the Linux
* The `display_magnify’ option is now disabled for vector games.
* Fixed some problems running vector games with a window manager.
* The `zoom’ value of the `device_video_output’ option is now
named `overlay’.
* Added a new `input_name’ option to customize the input names
displayed in the menus [Martin Adrian].
* Added a new `display_pausebrightness’ option to control the
display brightness when paused [Martin Adrian].
* The Linux version should now found the slang.h file also if it’s
in include/ and not in include/slang/.
* The `keyboard[]’ option now accepts numerical scancode in the
form `scanN’.
* Fixed a compilation problem with the most recent ALSA library
(version 1.0.0rc2).
* If an old (1.4.x) SVGALIB version is installed the program
doesn’t abort.

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