Créé par Zeroone, il s’agit d’un émulateur de NES/Famicom/Dendy en phase de développement.



  • Added support for the VS. DualSystem.
  • Added support for MAME VS. System archive files.
  • Added support for VS. DualSystem split ROM files.
  • Introduced ability to erase battery saves.
  • Improved NES 2.0 file format support.
  • Fixed displayed messages and API colors for VS. System PPUs.
  • Fixed issue where rewinding time back to history start could freeze the emulator.
  • Fixed issue where R.O.B. window would reappear later after closing a R.O.B. game.
  • Fixed Trace Logger configuration path that previously defaulted to null.
  • Fixed Retro3X video filter afterimage that remained on file close.
  • Modified NTSC video filter to work with all palettes.
  • Improved 2C03/2C05 palette.
  • PlayChoice-10 games now use 2C03/2C05 palette.
  • Fullscreen mode now happens on the monitor with the display window on it.
  • Updated the cart DB.
  • Updated the FAQ.


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