Le build officiel de mame32 vient d’être mis en ligne, de plus les packs de screenshots et icones ont également été mis à jour.

– Added the ability to do ‘mini-audits’ on each of the folders on the left pane. Secondary click on the folders to see audit as a choice. [René Single]
– Changed behaviour of Mame32 when displaying games that have the protection not emulated flag, previously it would flag these games as non-working and display the warning.ico. Now warning.ico and non-working status will only occur if the game has the non-working flag attached in the driver. [René Single / Mamesick / John IV / Chris Kirmse]
– Increased CPU and sound area on games’ properties page to accommodate 5 lines now that tceptor and tmnt utilise it. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]
– Altered behaviour of properties titlebar on driver.ini to show the driver name instead of ‘folder’ properties. [René Single / Chris Kirmse]
– No longer UPX compressing the Mame32 .exe. This saves 20 Megs when Mame32 is loaded into memory, will allow for better dynamic loading, and won’t trip off virus detectors that have trouble w/ UPX compression. As a result, Mame32.exe is now 20 megs in size on the hard drive. The distribution package is also being changed and compressed with 7-Zip as a self-extracting archive, this actually makes the distribution package about 1 Meg smaller than previous releases. [John IV]
– Switched default settings in Mame32 to disable auto frameskipping and to use draw every frame per discussion on MameDEV list. [John IV]
– Added 48000 as a sample rate option, works well with modern soundcards and chips. [John IV]

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