Applewin est un émulateur Apple IIe pour Windows développé par Oliver Schmidt. Depuis que ses sources ont été releasé (1.10.4), de nouveaux build non officiel sont sorti. Celui-ci est l’oeuvre de Tom Charlesworth :

– Added Thomas Stahl’s TV emulation mode: « Color (TV emulation) »
« As you probably know, many of the higher sophisticated Apple ][+ games made use of the blur-effect that color TV-monitors had on patterns consisting of horizontal color stripes. Using this effect it was possible to produce *solid* mix colors like grey, purple, pink, yellow and aquamarine even in the 2+ *hi-res mode*. »
– Tested with Karateka, Mindshadow.
– Included Thomas Stahl’s adjusted hires colors:
He « adjusted the hires colors for a more realistic look – at least in comparison with an Apple PAL-System. »
– Changed wording in Config dialog: from « Color (optimized) » to « Color (text optimized) ».
– Fixed support for 2nd Joystick’s button:
– Now buttons #1 & #2 are « shorted » together when in dual-joystick mode
– Two-joystick version of MarioBros now works correctly.
– Fixed Config Dialog (speed settings were misplaced in 1.12.2)
– Fixed Mockingboard IRQ frequency problem (Ultima 4 & 5 tunes now play at correct rate).
– Added Applewin.chm to release zip. (NB. This hasn’t changed from 1.10.4)

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