René Belmont a mis à jour sa page web consacrée au dév. de M1 et Mame.

M1: It’s bug-a-thon™ time again.
Fixed these bugs reported by the E2J folks (thanks guys!):

* topspeed: FM/ADPCM balance
* renegade: Japanese set kuniokun has different ADPCM, added it
* tharrier, macross2: PSG/FM/PCM balance. Also workaround for macross2 startup noise that broke the normalizer
* thndrx2: slight clipping near end of #142
* techromn: songs above 18 crash the Z80!
* xmen: YM2151 on left only
* gradius: 129 clips badly
* selfeena: SSG too high
* superman, ninjak, many other F2 games: bad command handling
* pacland, gaplus, many namco games: top command off by 1
* mazinger: PSG vs FM balance bad
* hharry, hasamu, quizf1: default command was 2, music starts at 1
* hotdogst: PSG vs FM balance bad
* volfied: too slow + wrong pitch (YM2203 clock wrong)
* cadash: missing songs (switched to Rainbow Islands driver, Rastan was wrong banking)
* ringdest, megaman2: increased maximum command number to 1024

MAME: Fixed a crash with -nosound on discrete sound games, also fixed Konami’s MX5000/Flak Attack which was broken in u4.

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