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I recently picked up a multisync monitor and finally had a chance to test my Sega System 24 « Hot Rod » board after all these years. Much to my surprise it works flawlessly, I had originally gotten the board heavily used and untested for cheap, expecting it was probably broken (it certainly looked that way).

I modified the it to accept flash memory and have been running test programs, which has allowed me to fill in lots of missing information in my technical documentation and emulator. Development is a little tedious as the ROMs are physically close to each other and difficult to remove, maybe I can try using the disk drive instead.

I’ve been examining the Hi-Vision / 31KHz and PAL-specific display modes of the Sega Saturn. I’ll write up some details on how they work and probably put up some accompanying test programs. Too bad no commercial software uses the exclusive monitor modes, it would be nice to see a game like Fighting Vipers or Virtua Fighter 2 utilizing a 704×480 progressive scan display.

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