Hoxs64 est un émulateur Commodore 64 tournant sous Windows avec DirectX 7 (ou +). Il est encore en développement, si bien que si il manque quelques choses maintenant, elle sera la plus tard (dixit l’auteur) 😉

5 February 2004 v1.0.2.0
Direct Sound set to software mode. Some machines show much poorer performance
with hardware sound even with fast processors and memory. This is probably
because hardware sound is optimised for large sound buffers and Hoxs64 uses
small buffers. Try this version if sound is jerky with 600+Mhz PC.

No other fixes, so only download if you have jerky sound with fast machine.

Télécharger Hoxs64 (x86) v1.0.9.9 (494,4 Ko)

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