DS4Windows est un programme portable qui vous permet d’obtenir la meilleure expérience lors de l’utilisation d’un DualShock 4 sur votre PC, en émulant un contrôleur Xbox 360, beaucoup de jeux deviennent alors accessibles.
– Allow Black icon image for tray icon
– Changes to allow a maximum of 8 input controllers. The old limit was 4.
– Leave custom lightbar color active after macro if ‘Keep key state’ is set. Contribution by mika-n
– Added One Euro Filter to UDP Server mapping
– Added simple Presets window for Profile Editor
– Changed some Gyro Controls checks in mapping routine. Old routine could have activated any set Gyro Controls buttons even while Gyro Mouse Joystick is used
– Added a Changelog viewer window to project
– Remove temp profile association on device removal
– Fixed profile save name check for Save method in Profile Editor
– Changed Quick Charge check to delay disconnecting BT controller until USB controller is detected. Allows USB wall chargers to be used to charge a DS4 and not interfere.
– Fixed profile save on profile migration



Télécharger DS4Windows (x86) v2.2.8 (1.9 Mo)

Télécharger DS4Windows (x64) v2.2.8 (1.9 Mo)

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