Nouvelle version de ce Front End assez étonnant qui ajoute un paquet d’améliorations:

-Support for external « magic » generic models.
-Support for a new kind of generic models that can be skinned completely.
-New internal pinball model that takes advantage of the new generic model type. More info soon in the pinball section.
-The chat sprites can now, when not in multiuser mode, be used to show info- and history content for the selected game just like in the info screen. Including basic html if the text method for the sprite is not set to field.
-More options to format information content for the selected game.
-Updated the internal visual pinball launcher. With vp in it’s default location, (c:program filesvisual pinball , c:program filesvisual pinball ables), it should now work out of the box. Reinstantiating of textures is no longer nescessary. And fixes and issue with names with . in it.
-Enhanced support for the mouse in cabinets.
-The new keyhandler in 0.88 ignored the ctrl, alt and shift keys. Reported by Cory.
-Force1024x768 set to true resulted in an error when leaving the internal cfg utility. Reported by several people..ouch
-And as allways more small enhancements 😉

Ce front end est très esthétique mais assez gourmant en ressource, à voir…
il est à télécharger sur le site officiel (2×10 Mo zippé sans inclure les textures etc… ^^)

Site Officiel