Mr. Goodwraith a posté encore quelques infos sur son « Dumping Project » :

Yes indeedy! I checked in with one of the UK sellers who’s provided us some interesting undumped games before, and he had a PCB for the Most Wanted « Monster Zero » (Nihon Game/Culture Brain, 1982). It cost us 175 pounds sterling (about $340), but we would have easily paid that much at auction, and this is the first copy of the game I’ve ever seen. For another 25 pounds, he threw in an unidentified 1980 Sidam PCB that’s probably either « Missile Storm » or « Astro Battle » (both clones, but undumped). Only your contributions make this sort of thing possible! I appreciate all of the recent donations; if you haven’t given anything to the Dumping Project lately, please consider doing so, either by donating at MAMEWorld or directly PayPaling my mrgoodwraith [at] account. (You can always private-message me for snail-mail check/MO/Western Union details.) Yours with appreciation,