BlueMSX est (encore) un nouvel émulateur MSX basé sur le projet « fMSX » de Mr. Marat Fayzullin. blueMSX est développé par Daniel Vik. Le but de blueMSX, est clairement d’améliorer le confort de l’émulation.

– Interlace support.
– Major improvments in the VDP synchronization to the Z80.
– Enable/disable MSX-AUDIO, MSX-MUSIC.
– Slider and hotkeys for controlling emulation speed.
– Audio works when running other speed than normal.
– Hotkeys for cart/disk insert.
– Support for FMPAC rom type including SRAM support.
– Language support – Dutch, English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
– Remember individual dirs for disk/roms/tapes.
– Command line arguments.
– Updated sprite collision detection.
– Support for large sprites.
– Additional toolbar buttons. Start/Pause and Help.
– Updated disk handling and format bugfix.
– Z80 timing bugfix, e.g. the game TZR.
– Bugfix in horizontal scroll for Screen12.
– Bugfix in VDP addressing that made some demos fail.
– Bugfix in the AY8910 emulation that made some samples not play correctly.
– Bugfix in the

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