Aaron est jaloux, du coup il met aussi a jour son site :

Well, I thought about working on the Gaelco games’ sound, but it’s grosser than I had hoped, so I think I’ll hold off. The games are slow enough as it is. In the meantime, I’ve been talking to Derrick « Mr. Discrete Sound » Renaud about the discrete sound system and how I can start getting involved. What I would really like to do is get full sound simulation in Turbo, but that will require some op-amp primitives that Derrick is working on. I did manage to get a start on it by doing the square wave beep sounds, but that’s just a tiny bit of the overall mess. Derrick then suggested I try something « easier », looking at Ramtek’s Hit Me. Well, it was easier than Turbo, but it had some tricks all its own. I think I’ve finally got it working now. Along the way I had to add a D-type flip-flop primitive, and in anticipation of Turbo, I’m adding n-channel sound support (Turbo requires 4 output channels). On the Hit Me front, while I had the schematics handy, I took some extra time to fix up some video and memory map issues in the driver.

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