RockNES est un très bon émulateur pour Nintendo NES. A essayer !


– The savestate version has been changed to 8, so older states are no more compatible.
– Added/fixed proper savestate support for ALL mappers.

– Added support for Namco 163 sound (mapper 19).
– Added mapper 210.
– Fixed NSF init/play/reset.
– Fixed sound recording status when stopped.

– Fixed MMC1 (mapper 1), plus support for 512k games (Dragon Warrior III and IV works).
– Fixed mappers 69, 72, 76, 78 and 92.
– Fixed IRQ counter on mapper 19 reset (Sangokushi II: Haou no Tairiku works).

– You can press Ctrl+F to call the « File info » dialog while in the GUI.
– CPU state info dialog now supports NSF.

– General adjustments, cosmetic changes and cleanups.
– Documentation reworked and usual fixes.


Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.80 (581.2 Ko)

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