Depuis le temps qu’on attend la disponibilité de ce fameux build « 0.6 » de PCSX2, vous pouvez maintenant le télécharger pour fêter les 3 ans du projets :

Recompiled VUs. Needs work but some stuff might work okay now
Fixed bug in Vif.c, masks hopefully are ok
Fixed alot of bugs in VUs, hopefully some stuff will now work as it should
Added Interlock for CFC2/CTC2
Improvements to TLB code
Restructured VU code and VIF. Fixed stuff in Interpreter and added CTC2 VU1 Microinstruction caller
Fixed UNPACK modes in VIF, the Indeterminate fields are now set to 1 by default
VUflags now should handle overflow/userflow ok

Fixed DMA8
Fixed bug in GS for CSR stuff
Fixed savestates
Fixed several SIF bugs
FIFO is now really 128bit as it should be
Added code for dma interrupts
Added some scmds to CDVD
Improved and fixed sio2 stuff
Modified the DEV9irq stuff
loadElfFile now reads the whole file first
DMA4/7 interrupt timings are more accurate now
Patches names are now using crc


Memory patcher (supports only 32bit patches so far)
Fixed Bios Detection for HK Bios

ADDED usb plugins

Télécharger PCSX2 (Français) v0.9.6 (4,9 Mo)

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