Il s’agit d’un launcher et optimiseur tout-en-un pour nullDC principalement et axé sur le jeu en ligne. Il permet d’assurer une configuration facile pour nullDC (Naomi / Atomiswave / Dreamcast) mais aussi pour Mednafen (NES / SNES / Genesis / MegaDrive / GBA / GBC / Neo-Geo Pocket / PSX / Saturn / Famicom Disk Drive ) et ajoute des paramètres optimisés pour une expérience de jeu fluide.
En résumé: configuration facile, connexion facile, performances maximales et effort minimal.

Les changements:

+Fixed NES crashing bug
+Added detailed crash reports to controller saving so I can figure out wtf is going on when some people crash when saving controls. Each emulator saving is separate now and if one fails the whole program should not crash.
+Flycast: Added Macro support
+Flycast: Updated to latest commits.
+Fixed client side crashes when using Flycast
+Added inverted axis support for Flycast just in case someone is weird like that
+Added better keyboard button recognition to convert analog to digital for Flycast
+Updated GGPO Delay calculation to be 1 delay per 100ms
+Added error handling when saving Flycast controls to try to get to the bottom of the error some people are getting
+Added error handling when joining a host
+Flycast will pause when in an online session if the player goes into the game menu, instead of ending the GGPO session. So people can change their controls or whatever while playing online


Télécharger NullDC BEAR v1.96c (69.2 Mo)

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