La WIP page de Raine a été mise a jour. Des infos concernant la version 0.35a sont disponible. Elle n’a jamais été compilé puisque que Tux a eu un petit problème de disque dur il y a quelques mois et personne ne l’a fait entre temps. Cette version est maintenant disponible en CVS :

– Logiqx fixed the bgaregc rom I had broken (sorry !)
– Stephane Humbert fixed the controls and the dipswitches of WWF Superstars.
– Air Gallet is now fully playable (finally !).
– Removed forgotten debuging messages from bakraid (!)
– Fixed Toki crashing at startup
– Fixed missing sound in truxton 2
– Buble Boble’s screen is now correctly flashing when you get certain bonuses (well, let’s say it’s more like the original…).
– samesame/fire shark is now playable (without sound).
– Fixed a bug when choosing the video resolution for screens rotated by 270°.
– Fixed default eeproms for most cave games.
– Fixed sprites overlaping text in the end of pang3. It might affect other cps1 games too, but I couldn’t find any other problem…
– Fixed a weird bug in scroll3 rendering for cps1 games when in 8bpp for transparant tiles.
– Stick selection by the Calibrate button if your joystick has more than 1 stick.
– Made darius2 sound less noisy. It’s still not perfect, but it’s much better, especially for explosions.
– Considerable speed improvement in darius2 and ninja warriors by adding a cache for BG0 and BG1 (as for cave and toaplan2 games). Warrior blade is faster too, but not as much.

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