Dan Boris a releasé une nouvelle version de son émulateur Atari VCS 5200 nommé Virtual Super System. Il tourne sous Dos et peut lancer 95% des roms existante, voici les nouveautés :

– Support for Bounty Bob put back in
– PRIOR bit 5 implemented. Causes overlapping players to produce a third color in the overlapped area.
– Updgraded to Allegro 4.0
– Switched back to Allegro Sound library
– Bit 0 of PM color registers is now dropped as it should be
– Added full support for 2 controllers
– Re-arranged some of the default keys
– Compensated for stolen CPU cycles during DMA. River Raid now works
– Fixed display list handling, Blaster now works
– Bounty Bob will now load if you try to load any of the three files that make it up. -BB switch not needed but still works
– Support for loading 40K Bounty Bob File
– Support for 64K bank switch mode
– New command line option -map16k to select 16K single ROM mode

Télécharger VSS 0.82 (359,4 Ko)

Télécharger VSS 0.82 Debug (359,4 Ko)

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