Il s’agit d’un fork de Mesen v0.9.9 beta codé en C++ et C# et destiné à rassembler les efforts de développement de différents forks en ajoutant un ensemble de corrections et d’améliorations. Il s’agit de la version stable.


Les changements:

– MingW64 Libretro fixes by @mkwong98 in #63
– Build against an older version of Ubuntu to attempt to increase native code backwards compatibility by @empathicqubit in #65
– Use Ubuntu Docker container, which is cleaner than Github runner by @empathicqubit in #66
– Document stepOut/stepOver functions. by @empathicqubit in #67
– Change Documentation link by @empathicqubit in #68
– Hugo to Github Pages by @empathicqubit in #69
– Restore VRC7 Mute capability and update EPSM Clock frequency by @Perkka2 in #71
– EPSM Volume adjustments by @Perkka2 in #72
– Fix save state breaking between sessions by @mkwong98 in #73
– Crashfix for win on MacOS, VRC7 update emulation files, EPSM correct default frequency by @Perkka2 in #76
– Add alternative YIQ to RGB conversion equation (SMPTE C) by @Gumball2415 in #77
– Libretro: Add support for up to 8 codelines per cheatcode by ds22x by @mkwong98 in #78
– Add submapper 1 support to Coolboy (mapper 268) by @greyrogue in #79
– Mappers by @negativeExponent in #80
– Shows the progress of loading HD pack by @mkwong98 in #81
– add some mmc3-based mappers by @negativeExponent in #82
– fix typo from last PR and additional mappers by @negativeExponent in #83
– Do not disable the auto config input type option by @mkwong98 in #89
– Refactor SMPTE-C implementation by @Gumball2415 in #93
– Refactor SMPTE-C implementation 2 by @Gumball2415 in #94


Télécharger Mesen-X v1.0.1 r220802 (3.5 Mo)

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