Maintenu par Robbbert, il s’agit de la suite la plus directe de MAMEUIFX, ne contenant que la partie arcade de MAME et supprimant les « extra games » que proposait MAMEUIFX (ces derniers étant tous inclus dans HBMAME).
As before, the releases only have the binary. Any other needed files come with the standard MAME from
– Arcade games only
– NO pinball
– NO poker games
– NO gambling games
– NO systems that require software, such as computers and consoles
– If all the games of a specific source file are not functional, then they are removed.

– sync with mame v0.244
There’s been some cleaning up for this month. All the broken stuff that snuck in has been removed. Also, more poker and mahjong games have been deactivated. These may return next month depending on the results of the survey (which closes on June 15). If you haven’t voted, do it now!
For those who compile their own, the new file arcade.txt defines which sources to include – much like messui.txt does for messui. You’ll need to update your build script, or you’ll get lots of link errors.



Télécharger ARCADE (32 bits) v0.246 (25.9 Mo)

Télécharger ARCADE (64 bits) v0.246 (31.1 Mo)

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