Un nouveau build de FCE Ultra est disponible.

Win32-native: Fixed the speed throttling used when sound is disabled. In previous 0.98.x Win32-native releases, emulation was running at 1/2 the speed it should have been when sound was disabled.

Win32-native: Moved settings in the « Miscellaneous » configuration window to where they should have been in the first place, and added « GUI » and « Timing »configuration windows to accommodate some.

Win32-native: Fixed the handling of the « Scroll Lock » key used to disable and enable Family BASIC Keyboard input.

Updated documentation to handle some slight differences in the Win32-native port(« Win32-native » is what the Win32 port using native APIs, as opposed to something like GTK+ and SDL, will be referred to in documentation now). I also made some other minor wording adjustments to the documentation.

Added an iNES header correction for Dragonball.

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