Zeo a updaté la partie US de son site :

08 Mai ’04 : The site is partly running again.
As visitors noticed, zeograd.com (along with pcecp.com or mindrec.com, hosted together) has issues recently, due to the previous hoster (Eryxma) shutting down without preventing anyone (in case people wanted to keep their data for instance :). So now that a new hoster runs zeograd.com, connectivity is okay, that’s how you can see this news. However the data (which were saved in the hurry by the new hoster from Eryxma servers) aren’t restored yet so I arranged myself with personal backups. The pages should be exactly the same as before, but not the database, which is older of a few month for now. Hence, until the latest database is restored (which should happen in a few days or weeks), the forum and creation are messed up, but basically things are running, you can download latest HuC and Hu-Go!. I’ll keep you in touch when things are really working fine as before.

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