Federelli travail toujours sur son fichier INI pour l’émulateur Nemu64, voici les derniers ajouts :

08/05/04 – v1.53
Fixed Turok 2, it’s now Playable (wasn’t before). And fixed Virtual Chess 64 which showed up as Virtual Pool 64.

10/05/04 – v1.55
Fixed Battletanx 1 and 2, Monopoly 64, Bast Corps/Blast Dozer, Command and Conquer and Top Gear Rally 2. Added more info the the Readme file.

10/05/04 – v1.56
Fixed Beast Wars Transmetal/Beast Wars Metals 64. Corrected one typo

10/05/04 – v1.57
Improved speed of Perfect Dark and other Rare games, fixed Penny Racers/ChoroQ Eepromsize, it was 1024.

11/05/04 – v1.59
Added 1 more game (Batman of the Future), removed useless options, fixed Goemon Mononke Sugoroku, All-star Baseball 2000 and 2001, Doraemon 2: Hikari no Shinden. Corrected one typo. Added more info to the Readme file.

11/05/04 -v1.60
Changed Comments, changed uses FB to uses Frame Buffer for people that didn’t understood what FB meant (this will be removed eventually once Glide64.ini has entries for every Frame Buffer using game

12/05/04 -v1.61
Corrected some more typos, added 2 more games.
For next releases i’ll being using CRC1 to identify the games, and goodtool to identify the Friendlynames… for example, instead of:
[The Legend of Zelda]
FriendlyName=The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (V1.0)
Comment=E | Fully Playable – Uses Frame Buffer

En savoir plus…