Federelli continue de bosser sur son fichier INI pour Nemu64 :

25/05/04 – v1.65
Renamed some roms, updated more comments. No typos this time .
I’m almost done with the new .ini file, still lots of roms missing, but i added most of them already, i’m mostly missing J roms, i’ll add them soon.
In the meantime, keep looking for typos and inconsistencies please!

26/05/04 – v1.66
Fixed 3 typos, updated lots of comments.
I’ve finished with the new .ini (added all my roms so far + some user submitted ones). It will replace the old .ini file, but first i want to have more games in it, so that’s were your help comes in
I’ve begun rewriting the readme file as well
As usual, please report any findings.

En savoir plus…