Mupen64 RR Lua (ou Mupen64 Re-recording Lua) est un fork (le 3eme) de Mupen64 permettant l’enregistrement de vidéo.

Les changements sont:
– AVI Fixes by @CasualPokePlayer in #45
– Control Movies from Lua Scripts: 4 New Lua Functions by @tjk113 in #47
– Fix unknown country code warning reprompting on every frame by @1ted59 in #49
– added « Load Latest ROM » option by @tjk113 in #53
– Fix closing a ROM not updating the header by @1ted59 in #52
– fixed replay movie menu item hotkey indexes, file menu gui, and added load latest lua script option by @tjk113 in #54
– Fix FPS Bar, ensure FPS will be in valid range when loading config by @1ted59 in #57
– Attempt to fix movies stopping too early by @1ted59 in #55
– Move Movie menu out of Utilities by @1ted59 in #56
– Fix cancelling on file dialog selection by @1ted59 in #58
– Fix ROM properties dialog by @1ted59 in #61
– Fix recent rom menu being disabled by @1ted59 in #60
– New Recent Movies Menu, New Lua Functions, Bugfixes by @tjk113 in #59
– CPU Clock Cycle Multiplier (Lag Emulation Options) by @tjk113 in #64
– Start Movie from Existing Savestate, Saved Directories, and minor bugfixes/changes by @tjk113 in #62
– Added wgui.clearimage and wgui.drawimagescale by @Wade7wastaken in #65
– Clean up dialog boxes for saving and playing movies by @1ted59 in #67
– Fix UI Issues, cleanup ffmpeg a little by @1ted59 in #69
– Clean up settings by @1ted59 in #72
– Remove resume -> pause on menu selection by @1ted59 in #71
– Fix looping on movie end issues by @1ted59 in #68
– Allow slot save states to be loaded through the load savestate menu by @1ted59 in #74
– Fix timer and crash log issues by @1ted59 in #75
– « Start from Existing Snapshot » movie compatibility, GUI fix by @tjk113 in #76
– Some new Lua functions by @Wade7wastaken in #70
– fixed roms larger than 8,192kb failing to load by @tjk113 in #77
– fixed a couple places where movies wouldn’t start in read-only mode by @tjk113 in #78
– Fixed heap corruption when loading .savestate files by @tjk113 in #80
– Fix crashing on roms with garbage data in unused rom header bits by @1ted59 in #81
– 10th Savestate Slot and Minor Bugfix by @tjk113 in #83
– Fix off by one when loading select slot key by @1ted59 in #84
– Fix some lua functions by @Wade7wastaken in #85
– Add missing hotkeys to config, add clear hotkey button by @1ted59 in #89

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Télécharger Mupen64 RR Lua v1.1.1 (+AVI Fixes builds) (2.1 Mo)

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