Nouvelle version de ce frontend pour Chankast, qui vous permet en autre de créé des petites vidéo au format avi.

– Change the DC region: EURO-PAL, JAP-NTSC, US-NTSC

– Launch the VMS Browser created by ElSemi.

—( Maximized View )—– – Now you can run your games in Maximized Window Mode. (You may notice that the menus are in normal view but the games run in maximized view.

—( Avi Record )—– – You can save video clips of your favorite game plays in (320 x 240) Avi or (640 x 480) Avi.

– Also I implemented a Snapshot Feature but it has a few bugs so I decided to *disable it* but anyway, the version patched by 1Emulation already has this feature.

Télécharger Nemulator v4.2 (158,4 Ko)

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